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Line Rider as a high tech / low tech jam session
Line Rider as a high tech / low tech jam session

To ring in the new year, we built a life sized, projection mapped version of the classic flash game, Line Rider, and invited our favorite illustrator to come play. It was a live jam session between a traditional artist and a creative technologist, and the final result was a ton of fun!

Heroes Reborn Experience at Comic Con 2015
Heroes Reborn Experience at Comic Con 2015

As covered at the NVIDIA blog, Comic Con 2015 was a great success. People lined up for 2+ hours to try our Heroes Reborn Experience, and came out smiling! ———————- V Squared Labs, known for creating massive visual and interactive experiences, used the FlameWorks technology that’s part of our NVIDIA GameWorks special effects library to help create […]

OMNIA – Las Vegas Nightclub Mega-Installation
OMNIA - Las Vegas Nightclub Mega-Installation

As covered by Live Design Online! Proper video still pending, but here’s an overview article of our work for the OMNIA nightclub in Vegas. More details soon.  

Drone Warfare
Drone Warfare

During my stint as V Squared Labs’ chief creative technologist, I worked on some pretty out-there projects. One of the most ambitious was an outdoor autonomous drone based light show for the opening gala of a Bahamian mega resort. We designed and built 35 drone performers to fly in complex animated formations to music, display an […]

Wake – Light Bending Dancers in a Realtime Performance
Wake - Light Bending Dancers in a Realtime Performance

UPDATE: WAKE was picked up by The Creator’s Project! ———— A live video installation, made using TouchDesigner. All of the graphics were generated in real-time, based on the talented models’ dancing. More information and a photo gallery at CREDITS: Creators: Moses Journey & David Glicksman Cinematographer: Cindy “Mimi” Phan Producer: Lizet Lopez Assoc. Producer: […]

WAKE – Candids
WAKE - Candids

Here’s a mini gallery from LightBeast’s upcoming release of WAKE, a digitally mediated reactive dance performance. I’ll put together a proper gallery soon, but in the mean time I wanted to put up some of my favorite shots from the Wake shoot and tech-prep. Lizette put together a team of some of the most talented […]

Whorl – an Interactive Installation
Whorl - an Interactive Installation

Whorl is an interactive installation built by Damon Seeley, Eitan Mendelowitz, and David Glicksman, with the generous support of the REMAP lab at UCLA. Built in Touch Designer and Python, Whorl is a demonstration of OpenPTrack, a scalable open source tracking system for media artists. Whorl is also a demonstration of what these three longtime […]

Projections for Marvel Universe Live!
Projections for Marvel Universe Live!

Remember all of those Disney on Ice shows, touring arenas and civic centers with elaborate staging and expensive concessions? Well, now that it’s the future, those elaborate sets are all done with video projection! Because of my experience with the d3 show control platform, and with weird formats and projections in general, I was tapped […]

Anki Drive – Adventures in CG Supervision
Anki Drive - Adventures in CG Supervision

This jobs was an unexpected challenge, and was unexpectedly rewarding. After coming on board to do previz for a toy commercial at Laundry! Design, I ended up acting as CG supervisor, TD, and production VFX consultant. Our team was incredibly small relative to the production quality we were able to pull off, and it was […]

Moby Dick Opera Projections
Moby Dick Opera Projections

“Along with a new opera, a new chapter in opera history may have opened Friday night at Winspear Opera House. Jake Heggie’s Moby Dick distills several longterm trends in what might be called—with either approbation or disdain—a ‘special effects’ opera.”

Aurora Unveiled!
Aurora Unveiled!

My secret media installation is now live!
As best we know it’s the world’s largest, most complicated permanently installed media sculpture. For NDA reasons I still can’t go on an all-out media blitz, but here’s a gallery of images.

Meet Gourdy, the world’s first sentient pumpkin!
Meet Gourdy, the world's first sentient pumpkin!

Ok, not quite sentient, but still really cool.

It’s a new reel!
It's a new reel!

Extrey extrey, read all about it!

Secret Giant Interactive Installation Project
Secret Giant Interactive Installation Project

Q: What is more than 20 ft tall, has 50,000+ addressable LEDs, 5 miles of cabling, hundreds of laser cut components, and runs on the same show control hardware that powers stadium sized rock shows?
A: I can’t tell you….. yet.
But here’s a cool video of one of our LED panels!

Blowing stuff up for National Geographic
Blowing stuff up for National Geographic

Through some strange twist of NDA loophole magic I’ve been cleared to release this clip from an upcoming Nat Geo channel documentary. I was asked to imagine what a second (third? fourth?) ice age would do to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I only had two weeks worth of evenings and weekends available, but these days […]

Look… The Sun is Rising
Look... The Sun is Rising

It turns out that a can of spray foam, some painter’s tape (for face tracking dots), and my iPhone’s camera can go a loooooooong way.


Once upon a time, I locked myself in a dark and windowless room, Thirteen hours a day, Six days a week, For nearly year, With nearly a hundred Of the slobbiest, stinkiest, Most talented people I’ve ever met. When we emerged, blinking into the sunlight, we had produced two and a half minutes of badass […]

The Avengers: Battle For Earth
The Avengers: Battle For Earth

I had been stalling for a while on getting caught up with Maya, especially for VFX work, but Wolf & Crow gave me the perfect opportunity.  W&C let me join the team for The Avengers: Battle For Earth even though none of my VFX experience had been with Maya, and within a month I was […]

Ad Infinitum
Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is a kinetic sculpture that my good friend Moses Journey and I designed for the 2012 Infiniti Digital Art Competition. I made this video as part of our proposal and, with any luck, I’ll be building the real thing as well.

Augmented Shadow Puppetry
Augmented Shadow Puppetry

So this is a bit old already, but I made this video while doing RnD for a larger project with my good friend Moses Journey. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with just some magic markers, a latex glove, After Effects, and a healthy dose of idiocy. For the stout of heart, I also […]

54th Grammys spot for the Foo Fighters
54th Grammys spot for the Foo Fighters

Wolf & Crow asked me to be CG Supervisor on this job and, perhaps foolishly, I jumped at the opportunity. I worked as CG Supervisor, pipeline developer, VFX Artist, and cheerleader. We accomplished the Herculean task of finishing two months worth of work in something like three weeks, and nobody died in the process.

Considering how little time we had, I think it came out rather well!

Puppet Time!
Puppet Time!

So I have this niece, Julie, who’s 3 years old and super cute, and who loves puppets. The first time I picked up one of her bears (or was it a dolphin or something?) and had it say “Hi Julie!” she said Hi right back and went on talking to him. She wasn’t excited, or […]

World’s Greatest Dad
World's Greatest Dad

I worked on this Yahoo Mail spot for over at SDF-1 and had a blast. Cel animators drew all of the characters, so I was tasked with building a toon-shaded CG world to put them in. I especially enjoyed making the fake hand-drawn fireworks in the fake hand-drawn stadium at the end.

Art of the Title features John Carpenter’s The Ward!
Art of the Title features John Carpenter's The Ward!

About a year ago I had the great fortune to work on the opening titles for John Carpenter’s The Ward – and it’s finally released! The job was at my favorite now-defunct design shop, Shadowplay Studio. Working as the sole fx artist on an already tiny team, I had total creative freedom and I loved […]

John Duganne, Noser
John Duganne, Noser

My brother, John, was born with cerebral palsy and uses adaptive technology to overcome his given difficulties. John can’t use his hands, and has trouble speaking clearly, but with his power wheelchair and an ever evolving suite of gadgets, he’s accomplished more than most people I know. He’s made it through school and college, traveled […]