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Ad Infinitum - A Kinetic Sculpture by David Glicksman and Moses Journey

Ad Infinitum is a kinetic sculpture that my good friend Moses Journey and I designed for Curved Visions, the 2012 Infiniti Digital Art Competition.  I made this video as part of our proposal, as well as functioning prototypes.

Ad Infinitum consists of polished steel spheres, arranged in a row, which roll up and down the surface of a freestanding wall. The balls are driven from the rear of the sculpture by a series of motorized belts and magnets, but from the fron they appear to move on their own by magic. As individual elements, each ball is pretty mesmerizing to watch – but when they move in concert with one another, the individual points coalesce into larger forms.  A video projector overlays various subtle enhancements, and together the sculpture generates sine waves, wind tunnels, abstract forms, and – because I was trying to win a corporate sponsored contest here – the silhouettes of Infiniti’s cars.