Whorl – an Interactive Installation

Whorl is an interactive installation built by Damon Seeley, Eitan Mendelowitz, and David Glicksman, with the generous support of the REMAP lab at UCLA. Built in Touch Designer and Python, Whorl is a demonstration of OpenPTrack, a scalable open source tracking system for media artists. Whorl is also a demonstration of what these three longtime collaborators do for fun. Most importantly, Whorl is a delightful experience!

————————– Damon Seeley @dselected Damon is a designer and technologist whose goal is to positively affect the way people feel about the world, ideas and each other. Damon co-founded Electroland in 2002 as a vehicle for his interests in interactivity in public spaces. Since then he has created groundbreaking interactive public artworks, art installations and exhibits for large public and private clients. David Glicksman @bfarnn David is an animator, visual effects artist and creative technologist. With more than a decade of experience combining art, technology, and storytelling for some of the world’s largest brands, he has dedicated his career to turning real places into imaginary ones. http://www.AppliedEsoterics.com Eitan Mendelowitz @redfood Eitan in an artist and computer scientist. In his artwork, he explores the cultural implications inherent in of the algorithmic creation of meaning and exposes the wonder inherent in the generation of knowledge. Eitan’s work has been shown internationally at venues including SIGGRAPH, ArtFutura, ArsElectronica, and the Beall Center. Eitan is an Assistant Professor of Computing and the Arts at Smith College. Eitan holds a PhD (2010) in computer science and a MFA (2002) in design | media arts. ————————– http://www.OpenPTrack.org http://remap.ucla.edu