Moby Dick Opera Projections

Press Clipping One of the last projects to come out of ShadowPlay, the shop famous for title sequences and CG work, was an opera. Under the direction of the incomparable Elaine McCarthy, we produced graphics that were the entire stage design for Jake Heggie’s Moby Dick. “Projection mapping” is getting pretty common these days, but at the time (2010) a project on this scale was groundbreaking. Over the course of several weeks Ari Sachter-Zeltzer, Gareth Smith and I converted a monolithic concrete syke wall into the H.M.S. Pequod, the open sea, naval battles, massive sea storms, underwater dreamscapes, fires, and the White Whale himself. It was a massive undertaking, and by all accounts a successful one! Here’s some press: Front Row Magazine The Washington Post SF Gate