Look… The Sun is Rising

After a recent bit of soul-searching, I realized that I don’t do enough animation “just for the hell of it” anymore. So when my good friend, illustrator Nick Arciaga, asked if I wanted to enter some random make-a-music-video contest for The Flaming Lips, I jumped at the chance. I’ve spent years turning my nose up at contests and festivals, and it turns out I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun! If nothing else, this post is about how taking OFF pressure has allowed me to make better output than I have in ages. I told him I would only do it on the condition that we bang it out in two weekends or less, and for less than $20 of materials. It turns out that a can of spray foam, some painter’s tape (for face tracking dots), and my iPhone’s camera can go a loooooooong way to making quality motion graphics. Oh – of course the shameless self promotion is that you should click here to get us votes or whatever: [jwplayer mediaid=”419″ width =”1280″ height=”720″]