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I was thrilled and honored to be a part of the 2016 Night On Broadway! Nick Suda and I built OBLIO at Positron as a fun study combining projection mapping and game design. Here’s the official description from the Positron vimeo page:
OBLIO invites the audience to draw and sketch together using specialized remotes. The lines sketched become landscapes, shapes fall from the sky and interact with the user-created content, all while generating responsive sounds, movement, and color. Users can also choose from emoji-like “stamps” to imprint on the screen. The visual canvas is ever-changing and the user’s sketches are temporary, fading after a few seconds. OBLIO celebrates a sense of playful chaos and digital vandalism.

My secret media installation is now live!
As best we know it’s the world’s largest, most complicated permanently installed media sculpture. For NDA reasons I still can’t go on an all-out media blitz, but here’s a gallery of images.