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About a year ago I had the great fortune to work on the opening titles for John Carpenter’s The Ward – and it’s finally released! The job was at my favorite now-defunct design shop, Shadowplay Studio. Working as the sole fx artist on an already tiny team, I had total creative freedom and I loved it. The main concept and the overall design were by the brilliant Gareth Smith and Jenny Lee (now of Smith Lee Design, congrats you two!), and the rendering and shader dev, comping, and general technical bad-assery were handled by the inimitable VFX Sup, Ari Sachter-Zeltzer. That left actually breaking all the damned glass (and figuring out how to do it) up to me! With countless hours of hand-drawing crack patterns, running physics sims, debugging (cursing at) massive cache files and weird technical anomalies, developing particle systems and geometry tweaks and minute details – all while staying sensitive to composition and storytelling – it was a hell of a job. And I think we pulled it off beautifully. For extra credit, head on over to Art Of The Title for an in-depth interview with Gareth. I’m the one referred to as “our vfx artist”. [jwplayer width=1280 height=544 image=”” file=”″] download mp4 (48Mb) And here’s a brief shot breakdown, courtesy of Ari: [jwplayer width=640 height=360 image=”” file=”″] download mp4 (21.4Mb)